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5 Home Cleaning Hacks You Haven’t Heard of Before

Spring has come, kids are getting out of school, and what better time to buckle down and have an in-depth cleaning session than right before all the family decides they want to visit during Summer break?

These cleaning hacks will have you ready to hit the ground running to get the house spic and span, top to bottom, in no time!

Cleaning Hacks for Hardwood Floors

Who doesn’t love hardwood floors? They’re beautiful, but sometimes they can also be a challenge to maintain.

Walnuts for Scratch Repair

Walnuts contain natural oil in them that make them ideal for woodworking, and in this case, hardwood scratches.

You can use walnuts without the shell, rub them over superficial scratches, and watch as the oils from the walnut help to repair the blemishes.

Tea for Dark Wood Floors

A little-known fact is that you can steep black tea leaves in boiling water and then when it’s cooled off, use a washcloth to mop the floor with the mixture.

Be sure not to use too much, as keeping wood floors damp for too long can be harmful to them.

Cleaning Hacks Using Vinegar

You may be wondering why vinegar makes an appearance in so many home remedies or life hacks.

It’s because it’s an acetic acid that mixes well with just about any material to make an effective cleaning solution.

Vinegar for Window Cleaning

Using vinegar as a window cleaning solution is quick and easy, and will save you money on window cleaners.

Simply apply vinegar to a cloth or paper towel and wipe down the window or mirror you want cleaned!

Vinegar for Hard to Clean Pans

No one likes to wash the dinner dishes, but it’s especially hard when dinner refuses to come clean.

Fill the pan with water and vinegar then bring it to a boil. Sprinkle some baking soda into the pan and let it sit for a few minutes, away from the heat, and then try scrubbing it. The pan should come clean in no time!

Bathroom Cleaning Home Hacks

Cleaning the bathroom usually saved for last because it’s the less desirable room in the house to clean. Here are some tips to make it easier and faster!

Fast Toilet Cleaning

Sometimes the toilet bowl can be a pain, but a lesser known fact is that you can place a couple of antacid tablets in the water, leave it for about twenty or thirty minutes, then come back and scrub the toilet with ease!

Baking Soda for Everything

Just like vinegar, baking soda is a great tool for just about cleaning you need done. It effectively eliminates odors and cleans surfaces well.

In this case, mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and dish soap before scrubbing the mixture on bathroom tile grout. Let it soak before wiping it clean!

Let Someone Else Do It for You

Everyone loves cleaning hacks to make life easier, but if you’re stressed with a busy life, hiring someone else to do the cleaning for you is the best house cleaning hack of all!

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