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5 Quick Cleaning Tips for When You’re Always on the Go

We all know that feeling. You take hours out of a free day to clean your home, and the next day you turn around and it looks like a disaster again!

If you lead a busy life, keeping your home clean can feel almost impossible. Luckily, it doesn’t have to feel this way.

By implementing super easy steps and hacks that you can use throughout the week, you’ll feel less stressed, keep your life more organized, and enjoy your free time to its fullest.

Keep reading to learn about five quick cleaning tips for when you’re always on the go.

Valuable Quick Cleaning Tips

1. Use Items You Already Have At Home

Did you know that many household items hold antibacterial and cleansing properties? Check this out.

Lemons, vinegar, and baking soda can be used to clean almost every surface in your home. Use baking soda to scrub and remove stains, vinegar to unclog drains and make glass surfaces shine, and lemons to keep your fridge fresh and prevent limescale.

2. Fill In The Gaps

If you find that crumbs and scraps are constantly falling into the crack between your counter and fridge, it’s an easy fix!

Simply take some plastic tubing (sold in various sizes), measure it, and cut to size. Press the tubing into the gap for a virtually invisible solution and mess prevention.

3. DIY Duster

Unless you’re a basketball star, many areas of your home may be hard to reach for proper dusting. (Top of the ceiling fan blades, anyone?)

For a simple hack, place a dryer sheet around a clean paint roller and keep it in place with rubber bands. For an even better reach, add an extension handle.

4. Organize For Later

A cluttered home can lead to anxiety and stress, or even losing sleep. A great solution is to roughly organize these cluttered items so that you can put them in the proper order at a later time.

For example, if you have a part of your home where paperwork or mail is piling up, add a basket or box where you can store these items. Then, on a weekend or day off, you can sit down and sort through them thoroughly without feeling cluttered beforehand.

5. Call The Pros

If you feel like the quick cleaning tips above aren’t enough, and you simply can’t keep on top of your housework due to your busy lifestyle- don’t panic. There are professionals who can help you out!

There are tons of house cleaning services out there who you can hire to give you that extra boost. All you have to do is schedule an appointment when it’s convenient for you.

Love These Quick Cleaning Tips?

As you can see, you don’t need to spend a ton of time or money in order to keep your home clean and organized.

By using items you already have around the house, taking small steps throughout the week to make your home feel cleaner, and using preventative measures so that your house stays looking great, you’ll feel less stressed and more in control.

And if you need to call the pros, you’re in the right place. Contact us anytime with questions or to hear more about our services!