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kitchen deep cleaning

3 Tips To Keep In Mind During Your Kitchen Deep Cleaning

If you want to get your kitchen whipped into shape, sometimes you’ll have to do a little more than just the dishes.

Keeping your kitchen in top notch order requires a few extra steps means taking the time to do this kitchen deep cleaning every month or two.

Make a List for Your Kitchen Deep Cleaning

What kitchen deep cleaning tasks haven’t been done in ages? Ok, since you moved in? Make a list of whatever jumps out at you.

Once you’ve done that, take a look at the kitchen deep cleaning suggestions below.

Lighting Fixtures & Ceiling Fan

Notorious for becoming a bug graveyard, unscrew any dome-shaped lighting fixtures and wipe down the inside. This is essential to your kitchen deep cleaning

Brush Tile Grout

White vinegar is exceptional at restoring kitchen grout to its original bright white shade. Using a toothbrush, liberally apply white vinegar to the grout. Let sit for about five minutes, then get to scrubbing!

Wipe Down Drawers

What spilled in there? We may never know for sure what that sticky substance is, but whatever it is, it has to go. Pull out the Lysol and give it a spritz. For extra credit, use drawer liners.

The Appliances

Kitchen appliances can harbor bacteria, salmonella, and icky old food particles. Hidden crumbs and food particles can even attract rodents. Tackle these kitchen deep cleaning tactics before it’s too late!

The Wet Food Machine

You know exactly what we’re getting at…it’s time to check for gunk in the bottom of the dishwasher. Wet food gunk often collects inside dishwashers and can harbor bacteria. Dishes that aren’t properly rinsed before getting shoved in the dishwasher can be a recipe for problems. This could mean having to buy a new dishwasher long before you should have to. Check the food trap for extra food debris and clean it out if necessary.

Clean Your Oven

The pros say this should be done every couple months, but ovens are often neglected far beyond their scheduled dirt date. This can be done easily with baking soda, water a and a sponge. Mix water and baking soda together to make a paste (the same kind you can use to whiten your teeth!) then apply the paste to everything but the racks. Racks should be removed and cleaned separately. Let this paste sit anywhere between a couple hours and overnight before rinsing away.

Tired Toaster?

Tired of playing What’s That Smell?: Burnt Toast Edition? Toasters are notorious for collecting food debris, but they aren’t alone. Microwaves and toaster overs can get gross too. Be sure to clean out any food debris or crumbs. Can’t get the smell of burnt popcorn out of the microwave? Try these helpful tricks for odor removal.

Call in the Professionals

Exhausted? We don’t blame you. Housework can be a real chore!

Add in work and kids and sometimes it’s just impossible to get it all done. Break up your kitchen deep clean into multiple sessions or just call in the pros to get it done right!

Let a cleaning professional handle the heavy lifting and save yourself the scrubbing. Now you can finally turn your attention to that closet reorganization