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What’s that Smell: Getting Rid of House Odors

Have you ever walked into a room and smelled something horrible? It’s not a pleasant welcome when you’re coming home after a stressful day at work. The scent, however faint, is likely to affect your mood.

There are many causes for bad odors at home, from leftover food to garbage stench to pets. Our high-quality cleaning services in North Carolina can rid your home of lingering, unpleasant odors, but you can get ahead of the problem now by practicing the following steps.

Cleaning Out Kitchen Odors

A big, festive meal with scrumptious dishes is always a good thing. But when the smell of fish, garlic, and other strong odors linger in the kitchen, it’s not such a welcome effect. Not when you have to meet with clients in your home, or have to show the apartment to potential buyers. So you need to neutralize the bad scent.

  • Clean the Dishwasher
    • Using the dishwasher is convenient, but the downside of it is that whatever’s left on the dishes end up in the filter. Left untreated, this will start to reek. Plus, the food particles may clog the machine.
  • Take Out the Trash
    • Don’t let your trash accumulate indoors? Garbage stench can ruin an otherwise tidy home, and the scent will take over your kitchen, turning meals into unappetizing experiences.
  • Stop Cooking Fumes from Lingering
    • Neutralize the smell before it starts to linger in the air. Mix three tablespoons of white vinegar and a cup of water; leave it to boil for several minutes.

Dealing with Pet Smells

Pets are good to have around; they offer companionship and reduce your stress after a day’s work. But there are days where they have too much fun, and they make a mess at home, which leaves a stench that just sticks in your nose.

  • Groom Pets Regularly
    • Keeping your pets clean not only keeps them healthy, but it also keeps the house from having that lingering wet dog smell.
  • Clean Their Stuff
    • Your pet’s toys, beds, and play areas should always be clean. Doing so ensures your pet stays in a hygienic space.
  • Change HVAC Filters
    • Pets shedding and doing the business all over your house can clog the air filters in your HVAC systems. Clogged filters will affect the indoor air quality of your home, which can lead to respiratory issues if left untreated.

Leave it to the Pros

There are cases where you can’t remove odors from your home. If you’ve tried deodorizing your space and the stench remains, you might be dealing tougher odors. You could also be too busy to clean your house, and you’re expecting the in-laws to stay over. In such instances, you will want professionals on the job.

For efficient house cleaning services in Raleigh, NC, choose Val’s Cleaning Maids. With us, you won’t have to worry about dealing with bad odor for a long time. We work hard to ensure that your home is spic and span. Our services will not only leave your home sparkling clean, but we’ll make sure it will “smell clean,” too.