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Make Room for Fashion: A Closet Cleanup Guide for Career Ladies

Maintaining a well-kept physical appearance goes a long way, especially for your career. But don’t think about subtle makeup and chic hairstyles yet. Instead, start with your closet because this is where you begin to dress for success.

Why Organize Your Closet?

Our house cleaning services in Raleigh, NC will help you organize your closet. We make it more accessible and functional, but only you can decide whether to keep or discard the items in it. So try to spare time organizing the space. It will ease your morning ritual, allowing you to pick the right outfits for work without sacrificing your style.

Here is a quick guide:

Sort and Keep Track of Your Clothes

How often do you waste time in your closet because you were looking for specific clothes? Maybe you were searching for a sheer top to match a pencil skirt or maybe you were digging around for that pantsuit for a meeting. Either way, you could save yourself several minutes if you organize the storage space.

Go through the contents of your closet and get rid of the clothes you no longer wear. Don’t feel bad about the pieces that don’t fit or ones you haven’t used in over a year. You can donate them to charity or, if they are still in good condition, sell them.

If you have a spare room or another closet in another part of your home, turn it into a storage room for out-of-season clothes. This way, you do not have to push your way through the closet amid bulky jackets on sticky summer days.

You can also organize your clothes by color and fold them the right way to maximize space. This will allow you to find things in a flash.

Step Into and Survey Your Shoe Closet

Sorting your clothes is not enough. You also need to organize your shoe collection, especially when you have a sizeable one.

Consider downsizing the inventory. Separate the bad from the good; for example, discard the smelly trainers, uncomfortable heels, and the dainty flats with the flapping soles. As for the ones that are still in good condition, but rarely used, consider donating or selling them.

Do you switch between two reliable pairs of shoes every day? Does it seem like you paid for more pairs than you actually own? Try putting up a hanging shoe organizer, a shoe rack, or a shelf. It keeps them all on display and shows you the options that you have forgotten.

Organize Your Belongings

Your busy schedule may keep you from tidying up the house on your own. Our efficient cleaning services in Raleigh, NC can keep every part of it clean when you can’t. This way, you can devote more time and energy to your work, without worrying about the state of your house.

But when it comes to your closet, take time to organize it. On top of making your mornings efficient, it lets you manage your clothes and shoes, giving you an opportunity to make the most of your personal style at the office.