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cleaning a shower

Must-Know Tips for Cleaning a Shower Correctly

Is there anything worse than stepping into the shower to clean yourself, only to feel even more dirty thanks to a shower that needs a deep clean? Understandably, it’s not easy to keep a shower in tip-top shape every day of the month, for months on end. 

This is because your shower is functional — used twice a day, at least, by multiple people, too. This is where regular shower cleaning can actually save you time, effort, and backache in the long run! 

Here’s how to go about cleaning a shower and keeping the area spick n span from one shower to the next. 

Use the Right Tools When Cleaning a Shower

First up, you need to equip yourself with the right tools for shower cleaning. This will make all the difference. You want to keep these cleaning tools in your bathroom so that you can reach for them with ease. 

Using the right tools ensures you clean out all those hard-to-reach corners and edges, scrubbing away dirt, grime, water deposits, and more. Here are a few tools to stock up on: 

  • A good scrubbing brush, rather than a sponge, for loosening grime, soap scum, and water deposits. Opt for a sponge with a diamond-shaped head so you can reach those shower corners
  • A squeegee or an absorbent/microfiber cloth to wipe down your shower walls and doors on a regular basis 
  • A pair of cleaning gloves — opt for the thicker, rubber kind 
  • A reliable shower cleaning product — this will differ depending on your shower material  

The best way to keep a shower clean and hygienic is to clean it often. While you might not have the time or energy for a full-on scrub down after each shower, it’s worth wiping down your shower walls and doors at the end of the day to keep a build of soap scum at bay. 

Cleaning a Fiberglass Shower

Fiberglass and acrylic are probably two of the most popular shower materials in most homes today. This is because the material is versatile, inexpensive, low maintenance, and easy to clean. In fact, you don’t even need cleaning chemicals, just a homemade mixture of dish soap, vinegar/lemon juice, and warm water. 

Keep in mind that you should avoid using harsh, abrasive cleaning tools on fiberglass/acrylic showers. Stick to a scouring sponge or soft-bristled brush instead. Begin by removing all of your shower accessories and spray down the shower surface with warm water. Then, coat the shower with your chosen cleaning product. 

Make sure to spray a coat of cleaning product on your hardware and shower doors, too. If you want to be extra sure to remove grime from your shower doors, sprinkle the area with baking soda. Let the solution work its magic for roughly 10 minutes then scrub with your soft-bristled brush. 

Finish off by rinsing the shower surfaces with warm water, then wipe away excess water with your squeegee or absorbent towel. 

Cleaning a Tile Shower

Another very popular shower material is either ceramic or porcelain tiling. Again, this material is low-maintenance, durable, and relatively easy to clean. However, the biggest magnet for dirt buildup is the tile grouting — this is the small space between the tiles. Never fear though, this area is also easy to clean! 

All you need is a medium-bristled or hard-bristled brush, your preferred tile cleaning product, or a solution of dish soap and vinegar (made with equal parts). Spray down your entire shower surface, plus the hardware, and your doors with the cleaning solution. 

Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then scrub over the surfaces with your brush. You might have to spend a bit of extra time scrubbing the grouting to lift off any grime buildup. Make sure to rinse the tiles well, then remove excess water. 

If the dirt on your grouting is extra stubborn, you can apply a mixture of baking soda and vinegar and allow it to sit for about 10 minutes. Then scrub off with a specific grout-cleaning brush (which you can find at Target!). 

Cleaning a Stone Shower

Then there are the less common and far more expensive shower materials such as granite, marble, and travertine. These types of natural materials require a little more cleaning care because of their porous, sensitive nature. In other words, they are vulnerable to scratching and staining, so you’ll need to use the right cleaning products/tools. 

Whatever you do, never use harsh ingredients or acids to clean these materials. This includes lemon juice and vinegar! You’ll need to source specific cleaning products for your shower material and follow the cleaning instructions carefully. Or, you can simply use mild dish soap and warm water. 

Make sure to clean down the shower with a soft sponge, rinse off with warm water, then dry it off with a microfiber cloth. You want to polish the stone surface of your shower at least once a week, and reseal your tiles at least once a year. 

Tips For Cleaning Your Shower Doors 

Shower doors are probably the most tricky part of a shower to clean thoroughly and keep clean. This is because of the additional hardware and the fact that glass streaks so easily. But, you can have sparkling shower doors by implementing these cleaning hacks. 

  • Mix up some distilled white vinegar (warmed in the microwave for a few seconds) with dish soap — in equal parts 
  • Pour this mixture into a spray bottle and coat each side of your shower doors 
  • Leave the mixture to set for about 30 minutes 
  • After this, use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe off the cleaning mixture 
  • Dry off each side of your shower doors with a squeegee, then a microfiber cloth 

If your shower has natural stone flooring and you’re wary about damaging it, you can replace the vinegar solution with baking soda and dish soap. All you have to do is apply the paste over the shower doors, let it sit for a little while, then wipe away with a soft sponge. 

When it comes to the shower tracks, you’ll need to use a soft-bristled toothbrush, some dish soap, and warm water to rinse away the grime. 

In Need of Professional Shower Cleaning? 

We get it, cleaning a shower takes some time and effort, and when you have a busy day-to-day life, deep cleaning tends to take a back seat.

Whether you just don’t have the time or you’re moving house and require professional cleaning expertise, Val’s Cleaning Maids are here to support you. We offer a range of home, office, and daycare cleaning services — learn more about how we can lighten the cleaning load for you!