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Reasons Why Home Maintenance Is Important

Homeowners have a lot more responsibilities than renters. If anything happens to your house, there will not be a landlord or a property manager to fix the issue; the property is in your hands. This means that the responsibility of ensuring the house is clean and well maintained is in your hands too.

There are plenty of materials on the internet offering homeowners advice on keeping their properties well maintained. But why is home maintenance so essential? Below are seven reasons why you should consider keeping your property maintained:

A Well-Maintained Home Will Save You Money

Old, inefficient, and poorly maintained equipment requires more resources and money than new equipment. For example, a heating and cooling system that is not well maintained will not run as efficiently as it should. Thus, it will need more energy to cool or heat your house, raising your energy bills.

Similarly, it’s best to replace old and worn-out pipes before they start leaking and causing water damage to your house. When a pipe bursts, the maintenance cost is higher because of the resulting water damage. When creating a home maintenance checklist, ensure you include professional inspection of your HVAC, wiring, and plumbing systems.

You will save more money for any dollar you spend maintaining your home that could have gone to repairs and property damage. Therefore, it’s advisable to deal with the simple problem as soon as they emerge instead of waiting till it’s too late.

Maintenance Increases Your Home’s Value

Most people think that only home renovations and upgrades increase a home’s value. However, keeping your house well maintained is also another way to increase the property’s value.

Think of it this way; consider that you’re listing your home for sale soon. If the house is not well maintained, the inspection report will have plenty of dents.

If you find a buyer for the house, they will ask you for a discounted price because of the costs they will incur to fix your home. For this reason, proper maintenance will help you increase your home’s value.   

Proper Maintenance Keeps Away Any Pests

A poorly maintained house is prone to pests and bugs. According to research, the number of pests and bugs found in a house is directly proportional to how well or poorly the house is maintained.

When bugs and pests are moving around your neighborhood, they are more likely to settle for a home that’s poorly maintained. When they find a crack or opening in your walls, high chances are they will make it their new home.

You may notice that termites have settled down on the wooden elements of your house while wasps and ants are living comfortably in the attic. Ensure you take the necessary steps to properly maintain your home if you don’t want to share it with bugs and insects.

It Improves Your Quality of Life

Upgrading and repairing your home equipment as soon as they break down will ensure you’re living your best life. For example, if the HVAC system breaks down and you don’t replace it, you will be living in an uncomfortable space with poor quality indoor air.

Residing in a home with a silent air filter and a well-maintained heating system that does not blow contaminated warm air into your home offers a better experience, making your life easier. In addition, you will not deal with unlubricated, noisy machines, creaking doors, and a leaking roof or wall.

Additionally, proper maintenance increases your confidence in your home’s integrity. So, it’s more comfortable and secure to live in a well-maintained home than its counterpart.

Proper Maintenance Protects Your Home From Any Resulting Secondary Damage

Any damage to your house that comes from an underlying issue that happened to your home before is known as secondary damage. For example, when a pipe bursts, the water may flow through the carpet and damage your floorboard. Your roof may also collapse due to existing cracks and weak trusses.

The damaged floorboard and collapsed roof are the resulting damages of an underlying issue that the homeowner ignored. Dealing with secondary damage will cost you more money in repairs and replacements.

So, to avoid this, ensure you have a home maintenance schedule for every part of your house. You can also hire a home maintenance company to help you inspect your property and repair any damaged areas before they result in secondary damages.

Home Maintenance Improves Your Safety

A poorly maintained home is a hazard to you and your family as it is dangerous in numerous ways. For example, malfunctioning pool equipment may result in drowning, and a damaged garage door could malfunction and hurt your pets and small children. Even poorly maintained HVAC systems could malfunction, leading to changes in temperature that are deadly to the people living under your roof.

According to a study, electrical failures between 2011-2014 caused fires that lead to an average of 1,370 injuries and 420 deaths annually. These fires also caused property damages that amounted to $1.4 billion.

A poorly maintained home may also lead to other threats such as mold and mildew infestation that is harmful to the health of your family members. The best way to get rid of mold is to clean the area with a potent disinfectant to kill the mold spores.

You should also consider outsourcing home maintenance services to help you keep up your house’s repairs and maintenance. This will give you the peace of mind that everyone living under your roof, including your pets, is safe.

It Reduces Stress

The list of things you need to do every day may be endless. However, you will reduce the number of projects you need to handle simultaneously with regular home maintenance. Consider a home maintenance app to help you track the tasks you have completed and create a plan for the remaining work.

This will give you peace of mind knowing that your children and everyone living with you are safe.

Schedule a Home Maintenance Today

Regular home maintenance is essential for any homeowner. It involves repairing broken equipment, regular inspections, and cleaning your home to keep it at its best. Deep cleaning your home will help you maintain a healthy, clean, and safe environment for your family.

Unfortunately, most people today are quite busy with work, running errands, and taking care of their children to find time to clean their homes. Thus, they often opt for cleaning services.

If you’re in this group and need a professional cleaning service, contact us today at Val’s Cleaning Maids. Our professional cleaners pay attention to detail, and they will ensure that every part of your home is clean and safe for you and your family.