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What to Look For When Hiring the Best Professional Raleigh Cleaning Services

Keeping up with your home’s or business’ cleaning needs isn’t always the easiest task to do. We understand how busy life can get at times. When you have worked piled up on your desk, small children running around behind you, and other important tasks to get done, cleaning can seem like the last thing you’re able to do at the moment. 

When the cleaning tasks start to feel overwhelming, you know it’s time to contact Raleigh cleaning services. Professional cleaners will clean your home or business for you while you can spend your time focusing on other important things like spending more time with family or getting your work project done by the deadline. Bringing a cleaning team onto your property is a big decision to make, however.

You want a team you can trust and rely on, but how will you know who that is? In the guide below, you’ll discover several factors to consider when choosing a cleaning service in Raleigh. Continue reading to get started!

Conduct Online Research

A great starting point is conducting online research. Take your time to research the best cleaning services near you. Once a few local companies come up, you’ll then want to dig deeper into your research.

Start by browsing through their website. What can you learn about the company? How long have they been in business for and what areas do they service? 

After you find out more information about the cleaning services, you can then look at the customer reviews. You may find these reviews on the website or on a review site where you can then search for the cleaning service name. This will give you a better idea of what kind of services you can expect. 

Ask For References 

Now you can contact different cleaning services and ask for references. References are past or current customers of the cleaning service who can vouge for them and the type of services they’ll provide. If they’re able to provide you with a few references, then be sure to contact each one and ask a few questions.

This is another great way to learn more about the company. Then, find referrals. Ask friends, family members, and co-workers what cleaning services they’ve used in the past and if they’d recommend them to you. 

Know What Cleaning Services You Need

Do you know what kind of cleaning services you need? Not all cleaning companies offer the same services. For example, if you own a daycare, then will the cleaning company be able to offer cleaning services to you? 

Are you looking for move-in/move-out cleaning services? Do you need scheduled cleaning for your home or office? These are all important questions to ask yourself and then ensure the cleaning company is able to provide you with the type of cleaning you need.

Customized cleaning and green cleaning are also great services for a cleaning company to have. This gives you a few more options and flexibility when figuring out what works best for you, so make sure the company you choose can provide these to you.

Schedule a Meet and Greet 

Scheduling a day and time to sit down with someone from the cleaning company is ideal. You’ll be able to ask all of these questions in person and get to know them better. When you’re meeting with them, you can also get a feel for their personality and the type of customer service they offer. 

Take this time to decide if they feel like the right fit for your home or business. 

Ask If Staff Is Trained and Background Checked

A cleaning team that’s trained and has gone through background checks is essential. The staff that comes onto your property to clean should be people you can trust not only to clean well but to be honest as well. Professional cleaning services should have trained staff on board with completed and passed background checks. 

You can find this information on the website or ask when contacting the company. 

Inquire About License and Insurance

Does the cleaning service have a proper license and insurance policy? A reputable cleaning service should be licensed. Ask them to provide you with proof of their license or have them provide you with the license number. 

Make sure the license is up to date. Then check their insurance as well. What type of insurance coverage does the company have?

If something were to be damaged during the cleaning process, then will insurance cover the cost to replace it? If a staff member were to be injured while on your property, then is there proper insurance to cover you? License and insurance are crucial for a cleaning company to have before you decide to hire them. 

Compare Cost Estimates

The last factor to consider is the cost of services. Wait until you’ve narrowed your search down to your top three choices or so. Use the helpful information given above to do this. 

Then, take your top picks and start comparing the estimates they give you. This is one of the best ways to find a cleaning service that can provide you with the type of cleaning and customer care you need at a fair price. Be sure to keep all of the factors listed above in mind when making your final decision. 

Find the Best Raleigh Cleaning Services For You

You can find the best Raleigh cleaning services for you by following the steps listed above! Once you’ve completed all of your research, it’s time to make the call to a professional Raleigh cleaning company.

At Val’s Cleaning Maids, we’re licensed, bonded, and insured expert cleaners with staff that’s been trained and background checked. We offer a variety of cleaning services for both residential and commercial cleaning. We can also customize your cleaning services based on your specific needs. 

Request your free estimate today to learn more!