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What’s the Secret to a Cleaner Apartment?

About 33% of people don’t believe they clean their homes often enough. In fact, about one in four don’t believe they clean properly, either. 

Neglecting to clean regularly could let dust, dander, mold, and other allergens spread throughout your apartment. Without a clean, organized apartment, you could put your health at risk.

Here are seven tips that can help you maintain a cleaner apartment in 2022. With these tips, you can keep dust and unnecessary stress at bay.

Instead, you can develop a simple cleaning routine to ensure your apartment remains dust-free and sparkling.

Read on to discover our top apartment cleaning tips today!

1. Establish a Schedule

If you want to maintain a cleaner apartment this year, start by developing a schedule.

You don’t have to clean every room throughout your apartment at once. Instead, break up your cleaning routine by room. You can tackle one room a day to keep your entire apartment clean and organized.

Breaking up your tasks with a cleaning schedule can help you minimize unnecessary stress, too. You can also avoid rushing through the process. Instead, you can focus on cleaning each room thoroughly.

Otherwise, you might feel like an apartment deep cleaning is too much to undergo alone.

Room by Room

Establish a schedule with each room in mind. Then, make a list of tasks you need to complete for each room. 

Determining which tasks you need to complete will also help you determine what supplies to purchase ahead of time.

The average family in America spends about $45 a month on cleaning supplies. That’s over $500 a year. You can avoid purchasing supplies you don’t really need to save money.

For example, your cleaning tasks for the kitchen might include:

  • Clearing countertops
  • Cleaning the dishes
  • Cleaning the oven, microwave, and stovetop
  • Clearing the refrigerator and cabinets
  • Wiping the walls and baseboards
  • Mopping the floor
  • Washing dish rags and sponges
  • Cleaning the refrigerator shelves

For the bathroom, you can:

  • Wash towels and the bathmat
  • Dust the vent covers
  • Wax the bathtub 
  • Shine the faucets
  • Spray anti-mold cleaning agents in the shower
  • Clean the window sills
  • Sweep and mop the floors
  • Clean the sink and shower drain
  • Change the shower curtain
  • Scrub the mirror 
  • Clean the toilet
  • Clean out cosmetics and medicine cabinets

In other rooms, you can vacuum, sweep, and mop the floors.

Create a task list for each room. Then, stick to your cleaning routine.  

Otherwise, dust and clutter will only build up over time.

2. Declutter

Is your apartment beginning to feel cluttered? You can fix a decluttered apartment by creating a space for each item in every room.

Give each possession a designated spot. When you use that item, make sure to return it to its space.

Walk through every room in your apartment to ensure nothing feels cluttered.

Otherwise, take the time to get rid of items you no longer need. Try to live a minimalistic lifestyle. Removing clutter throughout your organized apartment can help minimize dust.

Otherwise, items will begin collecting dust, which can impact your respiratory health.

Dust and clutter can also increase your stress levels, which can hurt your health as well. 

3. Start at the Top

Before you start cleaning, make sure to focus on the top before working your way down.

As you clean near the ceiling or in nooks and crannies, dust will fall to the floor. Then, you can sweep and vacuum.

Otherwise, you might have to vacuum more than once to maintain an organized apartment.

Working from the top to bottom can help you use these apartment cleaning tips more efficiently.

Don’t forget to clean your ceiling fans, too!

4. Consider Your Supplies

Once you’ve created your cleaning task list, determine what supplies you’ll need for your cleaning routine. You can maintain a cleaner apartment by using the right supplies.

First, make sure you’re choosing products with each surface in mind.

Otherwise, using the wrong supplies on the wrong surfaces could do more harm than good. You might impact the appearance of your apartment as a result.

Try to avoid using a multipurpose cleaner, too. These cleaners can cause wear and tear when used on the wrong surfaces.

Otherwise, consider using green cleaning products. Green products can minimize your exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins.

For example, you can use a combination of baking soda, white distilled vinegar, and water while cleaning. Using green products could help minimize your allergies, too.

Consider grabbing a steam cleaner for your hardwood and tile floors as well.

You can also purchase a HEPA vacuum. These high-quality vacuums are more effective for grabbing small particles. You can clear pollen, dust, and pet dander from your apartment.

Grab the right products and materials before your next apartment deep cleaning. 

5. Freshen Up

Talk to your apartment property manager about your HVAC unit’s filters. Ask if you can start using a filter with a higher MERV rating.

These filters are more effective at grabbing small particles that can otherwise fill the air in your apartment. 

Minimizing the spread of pollen, dust, and other allergens can benefit your overall health. It can also minimize how much dust lingers on your belongings. 

6. Hire Professionals

If you really want to maintain a cleaner apartment year-round, ask for help. Consider hiring a professional maid service this year. Look for a company with years of experience in the industry.

An experienced cleaning company will know how to efficiently and thoroughly clean your home.

You can hire them for an apartment deep cleaning every few months. Otherwise, consider routine apartment cleaning services. Having someone arrive every week or month will ensure your apartment remains spotless.

Keeping your apartment clean could increase your chances of receiving your deposit back. Beyond that, you can avoid the time-consuming task of cleaning alone. 

Squeaky Clean: 6 Simple Tips for a Cleaner Apartment

Don’t let dust, dander, or clutter impact your health and mental wellbeing. Instead, use these tips to maintain a cleaner apartment. With these tips and a cleaning routine, you can keep your apartment looking spotless.

Remember, you don’t have to use these apartment cleaning tips alone. Consider hiring professionals instead!

Contact our team today to discuss your apartment cleaning needs.